Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)

Learn TRIZ method of problem solving

"Theory of inventive problem solving" is the next evolutionary step in creating an organized and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Course curriculum

    1. What you will learn in this course?

    1. TRIZ- Theory of Inventive Problem solving

    1. TRIZ for Business Innovation

About this course

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  • 3 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

What you will get to learn in this FREE live session?

This course will give you complete clarity on TRIZ tools and techniques.

  • Why we need creativity boosting tools like TRIZ? Challenges for creative thinking.

  • TRIZ background and outcomes, Abstract thinking, Tradition brainstorming vs guided brainstorming.

  • How TRIZ help to overcome phycological inertia so that you can use TRIZ tools for problem solving.

  • 7 habits of highly effective inventors based on TRIZ .

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  • Who can join this?

    Anybody who is interested in learning this powerful problem-Solving tool like Lean Six Sigma practitioners/consultants, problem solvers, Managers, Graduates, etc.

  • Will I get basic understanding of TRIZ after this course?

    Yes, this course will help you understand the basics of the TRIZ method with the help of real-life examples.

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