TRIZ for Creative Imagination and out of box thinking

Free live session on TRIZ method applications

"Theory of inventive problem solving" is the next evolutionary step in creating an organized and systematic approach to problem-solving.

What you will get to learn in this FREE live session?

This FREE session will give you complete clarity on TRIZ application for creative imagination.

  • What is imagination? Ways to develop imagination

  • Rapid fire algorithms and FPV based creative thinking

  • Oldies to goldies attributes transfer theory, Radical solution directions and Metaphors mind mapping

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  • Is this session FREE?

    Yes, this 2 hrs session is completely FREE.

  • Who can join this?

    Anybody who is interested in learning this powerful problem-Solving tool like Lean Six Sigma practitioners/consultants, problem solvers, Managers, Graduates, etc.

  • What I will learn at the end of this live session?

    This live session will help you understand the TRIZ method application for Creative imagination and out of box thinking.

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